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Frequently Asked Questions

"I need help setting up my closing. Can we chat?"
Absolutely! An initial phone conversation is super important to make certain your transaction gets off the ground as smoothly as possible. We are here to answer all your questions about opening your title order as well as discuss time frames and other specific aspects of your closing. Managing your closing expectations is our business and we are here to help! If you are not an established client, please send us a message from the form on this page. We try to respond as quickly as possibly, so please be aware of unfamiliar numbers that may appear on your caller id.
"Are TESS Savings real? Your fees are over $1,000 less than the provider I was given."
TESS Savings are real. Here are four ways we did it.
  1. We invested in modern technology by ditching the server room and its overhead. Rather than charge extra for "portal fees", "technology fees", etc., we pass the savings to you!
  2. We do not share fees under third party alliances (affiliated business relationships and marketing alliances). Basic economics tells us the cost of doing business is always paid by you, the consumer. Since we do not participate in "play for pay" arrangements, there are no hidden expenses to pass along to you.
  3. Paying the small, good faith deposit up front ensures that you are not subsidizing other transactions that were not able to close. That simple deposit means you are paying for your closing alone and not someone else's.
  4. We bundle the most popular and common services, and leverage the economies of scale to your benefit.

TESS Savings is a win-win savings powerhouse!

I'm onboard. How do I get the good faith deposit to you?
In a purchase transaction where we are holding the earnest money, the deposit can be made at the same time. In other cases, we have several easy ways to make the payment. These instructions as well as options are provided at the time title is opened.
Can I apply my good faith deposit to a different transaction or property?
The good faith deposit is generally applicable to a specific transaction and non-refundable. Opening escrow formally kickstarts the closing process beginning with the title examination, a key component which is performed at the local courthouse. Performing title work is a tedious and extensive process which involves not only inspecting property records, but court records involving all the parties that may be located in various courts. The title process is unique to both the property and the transaction. However, with certain limitations, the deposit does not have to be repaid, for example, if a closing is delayed, or in the case of a purchase closing, if the purchasers change.
"What types of real estate transactions do you handle?"
We handle almost most of the common title and escrow scenarios involving real estate purchase or finance closings. These include transactions involving property buyers and sellers (with or without real estate agent assistance); investor acquisitions; and residential and commercial financing.
Residential Purchases
Condominium Purchases
Townhome Purchases
Leasehold (e.g. Lake House) Purchases
Second Home Purchases and Financing
HELOC, second mortgages, etc.
Investor Purchases
Investment Refinancing
Hard Money Loans
Residential Construction Loans
Commercial Property Purchase
Commercial Financing
Secondary Collateral on SBO Financing
Landlord Tenant Matters
Escrow for Non-Real Estate Matters
Tax Deed Property
Short Sales
"Wholesaling" (generally)
Simultaneous Flips (Wholesaling)
"A to B, B to C" (Wholesaling)
Novation Contracts (Wholesaling)
Assignment Contracts (Wholesaling)

Feel free to message us with more questions, or to set up your closing!